Cities are the children of our imaginations. We give them life, fill them with our hopes and dreams, and hope they grow up big and strong. Sometimes, however, we forget about some of the nook s and crannies. We don’t nurture the areas where the city can excel and we try to ignore the missteps hoping it is just a phase. Those areas left neglected can have a tendency to spread into a much larger problem though, if there is no guidance. We, as citizens, are a reflection of our environment. Happiness brings joy and laughter, while blight brings decay and depression. We can stop all of this. It’s time to be the hero you know that you can be.

“Blight is a condition where it is not profitable to make or maintain improvements.”

Mabel WalkerUrban Blight and Slums


Meet MIA

The Mobile Interactive Arcade, MIA, is designed to be deployed with ease into any environment. MIA brings hard to obtain technology to the masses. A standalone gaming system complete with placemaking audio and visual projection systems ready to go.


Suit Up

Every hero needs an outfit, well, and theme music. But for right now we’ll just stick to clothes. The MIA system works in tandem with smart wearables that allow the player to be tracked in the game environment. Gameplay is as simple as run and shoot, or, just stand there and lose.


Play was once an integral part of our development. It still needs to be. Playing makes us sharper, quicker at problem solving and doing so in more inventive ways. Long story short, it makes us more creative. You know what else it does? It makes people happy, and it’s highly contagious.

Spaced Invaders


Spaced Invaders

Spaced Invaders introduces our city heroes to MIA gameplay in the most natural of ways, by running and attempting to thwart the impending doom. With Spaced Invaders, we promise just that, to invade urban spaces in an attempt to bring the neighborhood together for a conversation, or just some plain old fun. Maybe the space is a derelict building, or a parking lot, or an important fixture to the city’s landscape, regardless, it’s a space worth celebrating.



  • single player
  • InSuitive™ compatible
  • site leaderboard
High Score
Laughter Count



Every city has them, as does every neighborhood. Underused. Misunderstood. Lost. Forgotten. Neglected. If left alone, the depression can spread. Step 1? Identify. Take a photo and tag it #fighttheblight. Let’s get the conversation started.

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Do you have an idea you would like to run by the team? Perhaps you want to have an invasion in your own community? Maybe you just want to play. Drop us a line and let’s chat. giacomo@playcincy.org